Volatile aroma compounds of Cres lamb

The aim of this study pertaining to the research of specific volatile aroma compounds of lamb meat from Croatian sheep breeds and, in this regard, the potential impact of geographical area where animals were bred was to determine the volatile aroma compounds of Cres lamb.

For this purpose, a GC-MS analysis of volatile aroma compounds derived from heat treated Cres lamb (HS-SPME method) was carried out and 76 volatiles were isolated, including 17 aldehydes
(43.87%), 13 alcohols (32.62%), 6 ketones (5.84%), 8 alkanes (1.04%), 3 alkenes (1.48%), 7 aromatic compounds (6.37%), 2 heterocyclic compounds (0.26%), 2 furans (0.65%), 3 sulphur containing compounds (0.87%), 3 carboxylic acids (1.80%), 2 esters (0.30%) and 10 terpenes (4.93%).

After comparison with the results of previous research on volatile compounds of Dalmatian, Lika and Pag lamb, the results of this study confirmed the hypothesis that the geographical area i.e. botanical composition of pasture where animals were bred presumably had the decisive effect on the composition of lamb meat aroma volatiles. This primarily applied to the profile and the total share of terpenes that were mainly incorporated into animal tissues directly from food and that in comparison with subcontinental and continental parts of the Mediterranean region represented the prevalent species composition of coastal and island regions at the same time.

Krvavica, M., J. Rogošić, I. Vnučec, T. Jug, J. Đugum, N. Marušić Radovčić



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